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Entransys helps to create sustainable competitive advantage to its clients

Entransys provides Analytics led business transformation solutions to all Industry verticals. Our world class solutions create sustainable Competitive advantage to the organization by making them more agile, customer centric and cost effective.We strive to ensure that our clients derive maximum Business value and remain competitive by implementing the best fit solutions. The single most objective of a Company is to create sustainable competitive advantage and that can happen through a complete Transformational approach in which, the People, Technology and Processes are perfectly aligned.

Our approach towards Business Transformation Consulting ensures this by way of reconfiguring their Business processes to maximize the Business Value and at the same time converting the Company into a Digital one. All the Companies are jammed with plenty of Data and Information by the way of Reports. But there is very little interpretation of these Reports and very little conversion of interpretation into Insights and Actionable Items.

Our approach to Data Sciences goes beyond Technical realms and targets towards arming the company with insights that prepare them better for the future and usher them into a pre-emptive environment rather than post-mortem. ERP systems are not mere transaction processing systems and if positioned and implemented properly, ERP system becomes its Tactical Planner and Strategic tool.

In Our implementation approach we replace the traditional Business Blueprint (BBP) with Quantitative Business Process Modelling (QBPM) which ensures and makes the ERP system a powerful weapon towards realizing the company's Vision and Mission.

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Onsite Openings for Java Professionals in Malaysia
Interview Dates: August 27th & 28th
Interview Place: Hyderabad
View Details » 29-July-2016

Doing new and big things is always a sign of growing BIG. We are moving to a new premises, in Hyderabad.
View Current Address » 4-April-2016

entransys anniversary

We at Entransys are happy to announce our 1st anniversary on Feb 18th 2016.

We have recruited 16 bright young B.Tech graduates from IIT Hyderabad and 12 from BITS Pilani-Hyderabad campus.
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