Entry Access Control System

Anpr Entry Access Control System

Parkeze provides Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems which automatically recognizes the vehicle number plates and processes this information for pre-programmed actions: a bar is lifted to allow the vehicle to enter a closed site or parking lot, and / or for the vehicle to exit the place. In an ANPR system, Vehicle Number plate becomes a unique system user's ticket which is an excellent substitute for the RFID tags, magnetic or bar code tickets, and remote controls.

Parkeze offers ANPR systems to easily systemize parking lots, parking payment services, traffic management, ensuring site security and other customized solutions tailor-made for your business specific needs.

Parkeze ANPR systems provide the following benefits to your organization:

  • Flexible and automatic vehicle entry to and exit from a parking lot
  • Management information reports about vehicle park usage
  • Improved security for both vehicle park operators and users
  • Improved traffic flow during peak periods of parking
  • Vehicle recognition through date and time stamping as well as exact location identification
  • Comprehensive database of traffic movement can be managed and tracked
Rfid Entry Access Control System

To allow the seamless movement of authorized vehicles in a designated area, RFID based Entry & Exit controlled system will be an ideal solution.Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects/vehicles. The tags will contain electronically stored information about the object/vehicle. These tags placed on the vehicle/object will collect energy from a nearby RFID reader's interrogating radio waves and RFID will communicate the same with the server to authorize/unauthorize the vehicle. This technology helps to handle higher volume of vehicle during peak traffic hours also with great ease and comfort. A boom barrier will be configured to this technology along with the controller in addition to this to authorize/unauthorize the authorized/unauthorized vehicles. Entire data can be logged and stored for future verification also if required

Roadbump Entry Access Control System

This is a different kind of solution to know the total number of parking slots available in a parking area. Road bumps will be setup at entry and exit in combination with a sensor kit setup. These sensors will be able to identify the vehicle passage from the road bump and updates the available slots count in the display board. Floor level availability can also be shown using this solution.The beauty of this solution is that it will omit the count of 2 wheelers passed over this and will extract only the 4 wheeler count.