Smart Vehicle Tracking System

One of the biggest problems the logistics industry faces is the tracking of a fleet. With vehicle tracking solutions powered by IoT devices, a vehicle tracking system (VTS) is not only implementable, but also economical.GPS has been around long before IoT devices came out. And now, GPS data is transmitted to a host over a mobile data connection fast enough to track the movement of a vehicle in real time. IoT essentially makes VTSs a lot more efficient, economical, automated, and reliable.

Location data collected by on-vehicle sensors, including GPS and OBD II sensors.Data from all sensors is periodically sent to the local gateway over a mobile data connection as the vehicle moves.The gateway sends information to a network server, where speed, location, direction, and other variables are collected and sent to a secure application server in the cloud.The application server sends reports and alerts on movement and safety of the vehicle to the driver’s or supervisor’s mobile.IoT devices, also known as connected devices, are regular household and commercial appliances and gadgets, except you can connect and control them over a network: a personal network or the Internet.

vehicle tracking system