Smart Feder Monitoring System

Our Feeder Management System (FMS) is built using the latest technology and is powered by IoT. It allows you to do Primary Distribution Planning, Operation and Optimization Studies, and Feasibility Analysis. It helps you analyse balanced or unbalanced single-phase, two-phase, and three-phase systems and provides an efficient way of operating and controlling the electrical network

Each of the Substations will be provided with a Mini RTU (MRTU) with necessary accessories. MRTU will be installed and wired by trained team of APSPDCL and as per the instruction manual. These MRTUs will be continuously monitoring the status of circuit breakers in substation by monitoring the Digital inputs at the MRTU and whenever there is change in DI input status (On-Off / Off-On) the same will reported to the server application using GSM/GPRS network. The breaker status changes can also be sent as an SMS to the station in-charge and another 4 mobile users to take necessary action.

We, at ConnectedSCADA have been working in this field of Electrical Distribution Automation for quite some time. We have built FMS so that is fully compatible with any SCADA system and supports most of the communication protocols used in the industry. Moreover, the system is designed to support any of the smart grid devices thus making your investment future proof as well.