LiDAR Sensor Based Smart Parking

Many places around the world suffer either from an extreme shortage of available parking or in more modern areas and developments – the sprawl of large shopping malls and airports with their accompanying enormous car parks. This has the effect of causing traffic congestion, driver frustration and commuting delays as people struggle to find an appropriate place to park. Entransys describe themselves as “business parking accelerators”. Their goal is to transform an ordinary car park into a strategic place for business and for the generation of customer loyalty. And as a team Entransys is passionate about creating “Smart Cities” and Smart Parking opportunities.

In this use case, one LiDAR scanning sensor can cover 360 degrees and successfully monitor up to 40 parking bays – in all light and weather conditions with minimal power requirements. These sensors are then integrated with a custom mall mobile parking application and their on-the-ground digital signage – making finding available parking spaces within a large car park, easier for the consumer. This in turn increases the likelihood of a return visit to the mall.

The benefits don’t stop there, not only can these LiDAR sensors make finding parking easier, the LiDAR Sensor can also transform an ordinary car park into a rich source of customer data for the mall management team who can use customer data supplied to draw insights around consumer behavior and usage of public spaces. Insights like – when do people shop or visit the airport most, when is a mall/airport most quiet or which area of the mall is the busiest. This vital information allows the shopping mall to better plan their infrastructure, logistics, manage their tenants and plan for future development.