Sensor Based Parking System

Based on a team of researchers study, it was identified that more than 40% of the vehicle owners spend most of their time during peak hours looking for the free parking spots to park their vehicle when actually available spots are more than 30%. This results in unwanted traffic in the parking area, wastage of time, unnecessary fuel consumption along with the pollution. Spot sensors offers an effective control on parking within supervised areas providing facility to identify free parking spots easily.

PARKEZE’s built in AI(Artificial Intelligence) enabled system can identify the nearest free parking spot available at that point of time and can assign the nearest identified spot to the the customer avoiding the issues discussed above. Ultrasonic sensors will be used to know the status of the each parking spot at any point of time. If the parking spot is empty, an indicator lamp present at the slot will be glowing in green and communicates the same to the PARKEZE server frequently to keep the server updated.